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Information Technology

Presented by the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications

E-Mongolia, the e-governance development index, serviced more than 9 million times for over 650 citizens and businesses, 59 government organizations.

Information technology is the fastest growing sector in Mongolia. In 2006, the Government launched a program intended to provide a computer for every household in the country. Part of this program involved eliminating the import tax on computers so that families could afford to buy high-quality hardware at a reasonable price.

As of May 2016, there are 695 special requirements conducted, 1,962,149 internet users across the country. The installation of the fibre-optic cable network started in 20028 with 17,000 km of high-speed fibre and transmission facilities covering 279 soums (districts) and 21 aimags (provinces) already deployed. As a result of these efforts, 90 percent of soums now have access to broadband internet. In the 2016 the ICT sector has employed 11,322 staffs.

The government recognizes the important role of the private sector and expresses their support in the following interventions: use ICT for increasing the competitiveness of national industry and services, support start-up businesses in ICT, activate domestic ICT market by promoting and intensifying ICT consumption by the government.

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