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Mining & Construction

Presented by the Ministry of Mining & Heavy Industries

Mongolia has substantial natural resources and minerals, which promise an unprecedented growth potential. Mongolia as a one of the world’s leading mineral resources has over 8,000 occurrences and 80 types of minerals and metals in the 1170 minefield and high prospective for copper, base metals, gold, coal and uranium.

Mongolia is richly endowed with mineral resources and the country is aiming to unlock its mineral wealth by cooperating with our investors.

Mongolia is exporting over 14 types of minerals and China is the single biggest importer. Mongolia has become the largest coking coal exporter (44% as of July 2019) to China, surpassing Australia and Russia.

Mongolian Government has issued 2771 active licenses which is only 4.7% of the whole territory /by Feb 2020/. It consists of 1673 Mining licenses, 1% of the territory and 1098 Exploration licenses, 3.7% of the territory.

The mining sector accounted for 24% of the country’s GDP, 72% of the gross industrial output, 89% of the total exports and 70% of the foreign direct investment respectively which clearly demonstrates the mining sector’s vast contributions to the socio-economic development of Mongolia.

The Central and Eastern parts of the country is relatively well studied while western part is untapped which we are aiming to unlock its mineral wealth by cooperating with our investors.

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