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"Mongolia-Japan Virtual Forum and Exhibition 2021"

The Export International Trade Center and The Government of Mongolia organized the first ever virtual trade forum and exhibition to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Japan Mongolia's Economic Partnership. The event was hosted on the "" website.

During the time of global change and pandemic, Mongolia aims to strengthen the cooperation with Japan, to increase Mongolian exports, promote Mongolian brands, introduce Mongolian businesses to Japan, and support business partnerships, trade, and cooperation that involve new technologies. The Mongolian- Japan Virtual Business Forum and Exhibition organized for the 5th Anniversary Japan Economic Partnership was hosted from June 25 to July 5, 2021 on the in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, Implementing Agency Of Government Small And Medium Enterprises Agency, the Embassy in Tokyo and Small Medium Enterprises Support Center of the Capital City, and the Export International Trade Center.

The virtual event was successfully organized with the support of the German Economic Cooperation Project for Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia, the National Development Agency, JICA, and the Mongolia-Japan Human Resource Development Center.

  • More than 80 Mongolian businesses of micro, small medium and large sizes, operating in food, agriculture, light , tourism and information technology industries participated in the virtual exhibition.

  • The initial plan to host the exhibition for 10 days, has now been extended until the September 15th to support the participating individuals and businesses and continue promoting their operation in Japanese market.

  • The extension of the virtual platform gives an opportunity to promote the products and services of the participating companies during the event that will be held from August 28 to September 5 at Tokyo Eki, Tokyo's largest metro station, to promote the countries that are participating in the Tokyo Olympics.

  • Umnugovi, Dornogovi, Bayan-Ulgii and Darkhan-Uul provinces participated in this virtual business forum and exhibition, and introduced their provinces’ unique features, as well as their outstanding brands and products.

  • In addition, Small Medium Enterprise Support Centers of nine districts participated in these forum and exhibition and brought together the about 60 micro, small medium enterprises and exhibited their unique and quality products

  • The Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association, the National Association of Fruit Producers (The Seabuckthorn Cluster), the National Association of Agricultural Cooperatives, and the Information Technology Park supported and actively cooperated with public and private NGOs.

  • During the event, Japanese organizations such as Jetro, JICA, the Japan-Mongolia Center, the Mongolian- Japanese Human Resource Development Center, and the Mongolian Walker magazine actively participated, gave seminar, and gave suggestion and experiences to the Mongolian business community.

  • During this event, our SMEs also had the opportunity to network with Japanese businesses including a trade channel that sells yak wool and wool products in Japan and to cooperate in selling Mongolian products to the Japanese market in the future.

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