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Baba Brand


Designer Apparel


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BABA brand was created in 2016 with the purpose of production and supply of felt material and footwear on the world market. A creative team, united by innovative and unique ideas, sincerity and hard work, rolled up their sleeves to produce 100% organic nonwoven fabrics and products using traditional Mongolian technology, with the view to establish proper production that is environmentally friendly, suitable for smart consumption and healthy lifestyle of human being.


Enable everyone to experience the benefits of Mongolian sheep’s wool every day is the ultimate goal of the WHITE NOMAD STUDIO +2 art team, and BABA’s vision is to add value to its creators and enable them to enjoy fulfilling life by what they create.

“BABA is a product for a new generation of smart consumers and one of the possibilities to create your own style among millions of choices”. In this day and age, when people have ample opportunity to create their own lifestyle, the world calls for giving up unnecessary things, chemical products and excessive consumption. Every business needs to offer something smarter in line with this challenge and trend.


Mongolians have a long tradition of producing felt from the wool and cashmere of their livestock and using it to make nomadic household items such as various quilts, yurt covers, blankets, mattresses, footwear, headwear, vests and other clothing, which was inherited to nowadays. Today, along with the development of production and technologies, felt is also processed industrially. Since wool is a 100% natural raw material, its processing technology should not affect the basic properties of wool.

Therefore, as a result of many years of continuous research to find effective technological solution for felt processing, we have developed an innovative footwear manufacturing process that combines organic felt material production technology and printing technology with manual operation.

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