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Khanbogd Cashmere


Sustainable Cashmere


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“Khanbogd Cashmere” was established in 1998 and has been supplying for over 22 years of dehaired cashmere which meets the requirements of high quality global brands from England, Italy, China, German, India, Japan and Korea etc.

“Khanbogd Cashmere” has over 400 employees and the company has expanded its annual production capacity for processing sustainable, high quality 1,000 tonns of dehaired cashmere and 100,000 pieces of knitwear products. We are contributing significantly to Mongolia’s currency reserves as we are one of Mongolia’s leading cashmere exporters. For the last 12 years, we have been awarded as one of the Top-100 companies of Mongolia, one of the best exporter of dehaired cashmere and reliable tax payer.

In April 2019, 7000 square metres of new knitting and dehairing plant was constructed

in Songino-Khairkhan district, Ulaanbaatar and fully equipped with modern machinery and equipment manufactured in Italy, Japan and Germany. The goal of our company’s human resources and management is to discover the talents and resources of each and every employee, to encourage employees to work initiatively, to create a sense of commitment to fulfill the goals set by the organization, create a team of skilled professionals and focuses on how to fully utilize the skills of each employee.

Mongolian Noble Fibre

Mongolian livestock is free to roam around the vast country-side breathing the freshest air, feeding with succulent grass and clean water, needing only sunlight and rain to thrive. The unique climate, ranging from below -40oC in winter to +40oC in summer, is ideal for creating the fine soft under hair that grows to keep the livestock warm in winter and then naturally sheds during spring; in readiness for summer.

1. Mongolian cashmere goats, camels and yaks produce fibre in a wide range of natural colors, from pure white to almost pure black enabling deep vibrant fashion shades and elegant melanges.

2. The wide range of natural fibre colors can create sophisticated shade ranges in undyed natural colors that enables themselves for certify as organic.

3. A combination of fine diameter fibres and traditional yarn spinning techniques can yield soft bulky knitwear and wovens which creates warmth without weight in luxury knits and wovens.

4. The fibre’s chemical make-up and physical structure endow it with a wide range of inherent properties such as moisture vapor management, odor absorption and resilience which means products made from it feels comfortable, stay fresh and keeps its original shape and style.

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