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Pastoralism, which is rare in the world, has been preserved among the nomadic tribes of the vast plains of Mongolia. Pasture animals grow and multiply peacefully by grazing on organic grasses. The MARIS (Mongolian Leather) brand was launched in 2016 with the noble aim of introducing the leather from this wealth to the world market as a valuable product.

The skins of animals that have adapted to the harsh climate of Mongolia are particularly durable. We process this leather using eco-friendly vegetable tanning technology to create leather goods that meet your needs.

MARIS brand values:

  • Premium leather- durable, natural leather that is friendly to the human body and the environment

  • Quality construction- Ingenious and comfortable to use, the bag consists of quality components. All inputs, including electricity, hardware, and sewing thread, determine our final product

  • Reasonable price- Our advantage is that we process our leather sustainably in our own factory lowers the price per finished product

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