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Mongolian Gallery is owned and run by a Mongolian female entrepreneurs. We opened our doors to public on February of 2020 at the Westfield World Trade Center in New York City. After a long pause from the pandemic, we have expanded our space and partnered with more Mongolian brands.

The vision of the showroom and e-commerce channels are operating to promote Mongolian cultural heritage and eco-friendly, organic products that are made with sustainable nomadic process. Our mission is to introduce the beautiful micro, small- medium and female owned businesses and brands to the US market. We hope to showcase what Mongolian culture, brands and artists can offer to the world with their unique and premium products.

Mongolian Gallery now works with about 15 Mongolian brands that offer high quality, sustainable products that are unique and is made with all the intention. We store brands of:

  • Designer Apparel

  • Cashmere Apparel

  • Wool Handmade products (micro, female run brands)

  • Leather Accessories and Handbag

  • Cashmere and Wool Footwear

  • Leather Footwear

  • Organic Cosmetic

  • Handmade Jewelry (micro, female run brands)

  • Hand Poured Candles

  • Handcrafted Pin (micro, female run brands)

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