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Tsahlai Brand




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The company was founded in 1999 knitting and services. Since then involved in continuing in this direction foundation of society has already earned its own place. Sale maintenance repair and restoration, chemistry was a long-term professional high level of purification of the industry is a gateway to more sophisticated production levels. Industry reputation, customers began supplying the finest cashmere and wool products meet international quality standards turnover in the domestic market grip grant including the highly valued since 2013 manufacturing sector. We are the last 4 years and manufacturing apparel retail sector. We are intensive working hard as we had several international clients in addition to domestic and foreign exhibitors. Currently, the company is "Stoll" brand fully automatic knitting machines produced in Germany. They are also providing customers with a product on hand knitting machines. We have decided to donate a portion of the fund each purchase with funds to develop a national literacy study. See less

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