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Zula Ts Cashmere




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ZULA Ts cashmere was established in 2016 by an experienced professional female Mongolian designer. The brand is created with a combination of a Mongolian designer’s creative mind and the Mongolian premium pure cashmere which is one of the warmest and rarest cashmere in the world.

We support sustainable cashmere production which includes the humane removal of the cashmere fibers from the goat without causing pain or stress to the animal, and the land management of the Mongolian herder to help sustain the pastureland.

We make eco-friendly, organic, soft, fine, light and high heat retentive sweaters and products with the benefit of Mongolian cashmere’s special feature for customers who prefer a positive attitude which is loving themselves, loving others, loving nature and loving our earth.

We craft each product in Ulaanbaatar city factories, taking care to perfect the fit and comfortability. For the social responsibility, we employ elder women who are retired and isolated from society on assistant and hand work for half time and we collaborate with factory which employ disabled people on engineering and hand work.

Since we started our production, we had been exported them to South Korea and China. From early 2020, ZULA Ts cashmere entered to the US market began on sell in the Mongolian gallery shop in Oculus shopping center, World Trade Center, New York. Late 2020, we opened our online factory shop on ETSY.COM as and extended our market to Canada and European Union on ETSY for now.

With benefit of those two direct supplies from the manufacturer, customers of America started to gain on getting authentic cashmere products for low price without additional profit of resellers.

Starting 2020, we sought making ZULA Ts collection to match with American customers’ satisfaction, and this year we are getting closer to reach the result.

We make not only own collection, but also make by order for international sellers. We explore new era of cashmere and knitwear’s manufactory nonstop.


· 100% natural product

· 100% pure cashmere, no blends

· Well-fitting and comfortability experience

· We concentrate on quality not quantity

· Sustainable production

· Brand new image and feature

· Made in Mongolia with Mongolian origin goat cashmere

Stay warm and comfortable with ZULA Ts cashmere

We guarantee we will take care of you all the year round

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